Artist News

The new single features top Country band Little Big Town.

Beach Country singer Aubrey Wollett is set to record a new holiday record.

Country singer Caroline Jones releases her new single and video Rise (Sing It Loud).

A wonderful new video is out featuring a host of Trop Rock Stars.

Erica Sunshine Lee releases a new video for her single Change The World.

Erica Sunshine Lee starts the new year by releasing ‘Fire’. Country singer Erica Sunshine Lee has dropped the third EP in her trilogy with the release of ‘Fire’ at the turn of the year. ‘Fire’ completes the ‘Ready’, ‘Aim’ set of EPs both of which came out towards the end of 2019. ‘Fire’ is an […]

Hollie Cook breezes in with Dance In The Sunshine.

Sugar Ray release first album in 10 years and it’s full of beach tunes!

Geri Emata releases first two singles this year.

“The Owl” is coming out on September 20.

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