Palm Tree Playlist w/c 15 Feb, 2021.

Written by on February 15, 2021

Lots of new songs on this week’s playlist.

These are the songs we’re focusing on this week on our main ‘A’ and ‘B’ playlists.

The playlist features new songs from Florida Georgia Line, Lanco, Michael Ray, High Valley, Summer Salt and Isabella Stefania. There’s also entries for reggae artists Marquise Fair and Nixon Omollo.


What is the Playlist?

The songs on the Palm Tree Playlist are ‘new’ tunes and are being played in high rotation across the station. Songs will stay on the playlist for around 4 weeks before moving into our regular song categories.

When my song comes off the Playlist do you stop playing it?

This is a question we get asked. No, is the simple answer. We will still be playing your song it’s just that it won’t be on our highest rotation it will be in our regular music categories. Only the new songs are in the highest rotation (most plays per week). The ‘A’ list gets the most plays across a week.

Can I vote for my mate’s song to go on your playlist or chart?

Er, no! We definitely take requests to play songs but we will only play songs we feel are suitable for our station (Beach Country/Sunshine Rock) and they need to have a certain production value.

Songs from our Independent artists appear alongside some of the most well-produced songs from the biggest artists so need to be able to not sound out of place. We’re proud to think that the artists we play all have a professional sound and produce their music to a high standard.

The other reason we don’t do votes is it’s effectively a “who’s got the most friends on Facebook” competition. We prefer to select our music on quality and what we feel works best for our audience.

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