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Written by on May 28, 2020

Erica Sunshine Lee releases a new video for her single Change The World.

When Erica Sunshine Lee was scrolling through Instagram and came across a post from Spanx founder Sara Blakely, it set her off on a mission to write a new song empowering women and young girls.

Fast forward and her latest single, Change The World, which is featured on her new album Bulletproof, is that song.

“It is tougher as a girl but I didn’t want them to think that or think they couldn’t do it,” says Erica as she discusses the song with Palm Tree Radio.

“There’s just no mountain you can’t climb, you can be whatever lights you on fire, just use those skills and that drive so you don’t have those limitations that you think are out there.”

While the song is featured on the album Bulletproof and is available now, the video to go with it ended up taking on a different style after the World went into lockdown.

“We were scheduled to shoot a music video for change the world out in Denver Colorado but I think God has bigger plans and knew that we needed to showcase real girls from all over the world of all ages and backgrounds to really make an impact and show how much each person can make a difference.”

You can see the finished video below and Erica is delighted with how it’s turned out.

“I’m very pleased with Josh Mendez my favorite Videographer who pulled these all together and made this such a special video. It’s so real and authentic and I wanted every girl in the world to feel like they matter and they can make a difference.

“It’s very important with all of the body image issues and certain walls we have to climb in different industries and different groups and parts of life but no matter what I wanted every girl to know that they can make a difference no matter how small and insignificant we may feel at times, every one of us has a purpose and every one of them matters.

“No boundaries, no limits, never give up, and remember you can be the girl that can change the world.”

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