Playlist: August 10th

Palm Tree Radio News Playlist

Six new songs on our weekly playlist and a brand new Spotlight Track.

Thank you to all the artists that are making fantastic new music.

Here’s this week’s Playlist of current tunes that we’re excited about playing alongside our classic beach blend of Island, Country and Tropical tunes.

If you’re an artist making fresh tropical and beach music then please visit our contact page to get in touch and let us know about your songs.

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Palm Tree Radio
Palm Tree Radio plays only the best Feel Good Beach Vibes. You can find us on the beach sipping a cocktail, soaking up the sun and enjoy the tunes!

2 thoughts on “Playlist: August 10th

  1. This morning, you played the song “In the Summertime”, by a female vocalist. My radio wasn’t showing the song or artist. Can you please tell me who it was. I very much like that rendition of the song.

    Captain Wayne

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