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Written by on August 4, 2019

Sugar Ray release first album in 10 years and it’s full of beach tunes!

Well, we never thought we’d have an Album of the Month by a nu-metal band but that’s exactly what we’ve got!

To be fair though “Little Yachty”, Sugar Ray’s new album and their first in a decade, is full of warm, summer tunes with a fresh beach sound.

The title is a both a pun on rapper Lil Yachty and the fact that this album is, well, a little Yacht Rock.

Little Yachty is Sugar Ray’s 7th Studio album.

The band has lost two former members but they’re still anchored by the loyal core of Vocalist/Guitarist Mark McGrath and Guitarist/Vocalist Rodney Sheppard.

The album is complete turnaround from the band that started out as a hardcore punk band that transitioned into nu-metal.

“The more I was listening to what we were putting together the more yacht rocky it felt,” says singer McGrath.

“Then we decided to cover ‘Escape (The Pina Colada Song),’ which is the torch bearer of all things yacht rock. It all came into place and I thought we’re making a modern day yacht rock record.”

It starts with the ukulele led opening track ‘Highest Tree’ before launching into a selection of beachy summer tunes that will have you reaching for the Pina Colada and hammock!

We love it and while the name may be a surprise inclusion on our playlist the music certainly isn’t, it’s good time, summer music and we think you’ll love it too.

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