‘Stay Thirsty’ Out Now!

Written by on July 2, 2019

Mike Nash is back with superb new album and single.

How do you follow up one of the greatest Tropical Rock albums of all time?

This was the question I asked myself when Mike Nash said he was ready to release a new album.

Southern Drawl Band - Totally Beachin'
Southern Drawl Band – Totally Beachin’

For me, the last release with his Southern Drawl Band, Totally Beachin’, is one of the most perfect albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

I don’t say that lightly but floating on the pool with a cold beer in hand and Totally Beachin’ playing is pretty heavenly.

I mean seriously, name me a better song than Floriday! It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Anyway, you can probably tell here at the Coconut Cabana we are massive fans of that album, so it was with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation that we first listened to Stay Thirsty.

We didn’t need to worry, Stay Thirsty is a summer smash! We love it!

The opening cut, Summer Sounds, sets the album up perfectly and is a radio single if ever we heard one! This should be playing everywhere not just on the Tropical stations.

The new single is the title track Stay Thirsty. It comes out as a single this week and is another song that instantly grabs you and you’ll be singing along before the 3 minutes are up.

Mike Nash - Stay Thirsty
Mike Nash – Stay Thirsty

The first single, Cold Beer, is a fabulous tropically tinged Country rocker while Redneck Riviera is destined to be this summer’s party song and not just in the south!

It’s got a classic Delbert McClinton feel about it and we love that vibe. Try listening to it without tapping something in time, you’ve got no chance!

There are some mellow moments on this album too. Carolina Kinda Love is quite simply beautiful, Postcards From The Road is another and the track that closes the album, Waves, is also a laid back treat.

I could go on about the tracks but to be honest every one is fantastic and you’ve got to have some surprises to discover for yourself!

As an album, is it better than Totally Beachin’? Wow, that’s a question I don’t think I can answer at the moment, I have a lot of pool and beer time invested in Beachin’ so I guess only time will tell.

What I will say though is that Nash has one of the albums of the year on his hands with this solo release.

Not one track disappoints, no filler, as they say. Crack open a beer, put this on and let your cares float away.

Stay Thirsty is available now digitally from CDBaby. Click here to go to CDBaby.

If you would rather have a CD then head to the Southern Drawl Band store to buy it from there. Click here to visit the store.

Nash is also on tour throughout July, August and September so make sure you catch a live show if you can. Details of dates are on Facebook.

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